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The System and Circuit Design Services involve the creation of configurations of equipment and facilities for the purpose of providing dedicated, specialized end-to-end customer services. This can include both digital as well as analog special services which are approved for sale by the customer. The services can be provided by qualified personnel either directly within the customer's work locations or through remote access to the customer support system(s).

Circuit Design Capabilities include the full-range of special service and message circuit requirements.

Proficient in the interpretation of circuit orders and the translation of that information to specific circuit requirements.
All DS-X Type circuit designs involving both digital and analog operation
All Ethernet Type Designs
Wireless backhaul circuit design
Identify equipment requirements and process requests as needed within the central office or at the customer interface.
Develop complete and accurate Circuit Layout Records for installation, test and turn-up of the circuit.

Design Coordination with connecting companies to establish overall designs, meet-points and assignments.

Inter-company coordination of all aspects of circuit designs
Expedited designs where needed to meet customer requirements

Design Support to the installation technicians both within the company and the connecting company as necessary.

Designer "owns" the circuit and supports technicians as required
Mediate design, analog test levels or assignment issues
Expedited designs where necessary to meet unexpected requirements

Design and Inventory System Proficiencies include working knowledge of the more commonly used systems.

Oracle/Metasolv M-6

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