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Equipment and cable removal often represents the greatest risk to the customer for potential service interruptions, safety issues and unnecessary damage to removal spaces. Qualified personnel are utilized for removals to ensure that the proper care is taken throughout the process to avoid those problems. Close coordination is maintained with the customer and that Services are compliant with all applicable Telcordia General Requirement (GR) Standards. However, alternative customer specific standards can be utilized upon review and evaluation of impact on operational and staffing requirements.

Preparation of a Method of Procedure (MOP) and Engineering Specification if necessary to cover the overall removal process.

Equipment Verification to ensure that any equipment planned for removal is fully decommissioned and ready to be removed.

Confirm with the customer's assigned contact that the equipment to be removed have been completely de-commissioned and any live traffic has been removed.
Reconfirm whether the equipment is fully de-commissioned through visual inspection of LEDs and jumpers.

Power Removal from the equipment will be performed by qualified personnel. This includes the removal of fuses and power cable.

Ensure that any power changes do not impact other equipment that is not planned for removal.
Coordinate de-powering the equipment with the customer in accordance with their policies and procedures.
Proper disconnection of equipment from the BDFB to ensure compliance with standards and operating procedures.
Remove bay fuses and power cable only in accordance with customer standards.

Disassemble all equipment and hardware in accordance with the MOP, Engineering Specification and/or any other applicable documentation.

Maintain a proper and orderly removal of all equipment and infrastructure to avoid damage to the equipment and injury to personnel.
Protect and preserve any items not intended for removal or that are intended for reuse or resale.
Separate items of salvage and junk.

Cable Mining, Jumper Removal and the storage/packaging of such items that are intended for sale.

Experienced personnel will coordinate removals to ensure compliance with customer standards and procedures.
Verified to avoid any potential impact on other services prior to removal.
Jumper wire/fibers will be packaged in accordance with the intended sale or use.

Packaging for transport in the event that the equipment is intended for reuse or resale.

Disassembly and physical inspection of equipment that is intended for reuse or resale.
Packing and shipment of equipment in accordance with reuse or resale arrangements.
Safety and security procedures will be strictly enforced throughout the removal process.
Only authorized personnel will be allowed on the job site.
All appropriate safety and security procedures will be followed with de-powering of equipment.
Only authorized personnel will removal of any equipment, materials, cable or jumper from the premises. A record of removals will be maintained indicating the disposition.

Salvage arrangements for any equipment that is not intended for reuse or resale.

Compliant with the customer's asset management policies and practices
Coordinate removals with the customer for use of appropriate salvage companies  

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