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The 40 years of engineering experience with all major service providers and many manufacturers, have resulted in effective internal staffing, methods and procedures which assure complete, accurate and detailed project specifications. All of our engineers have a working knowledge of the Telcordia GR Standards and have adapted to other standards as required. Our capabilities cover Transport, Power and Alarm Equipment Provisioning with coordination of CLEC related installations with the ILEC. The following are major elements of our Engineering process. We can respond with bids or quotes on all of these capabilities or any part of these.

Site Surveys performed by competent Engineers which address all physical aspects of the installation site that will impact the costs, installation sequence, special areas of attention and compliance with customer and company standards.

Cable run lengths
Cable run route considerations which may require additional hardware installation or modification, or building services work by the customer.
Verification of floor plans and bay or cabinet drawings for availability of space for the installation of the required frames and equipment.
Power requirements at the BDFB and/or cabinet and frame. This includes fusing and cable, along with any areas of non-compliance with the existing system which may impact on service continuity, equipment damage or personnel safety
Verification of critical assignments of nodes, ports, jacks, etc.
Any notes to the installers based on unusual conditions at the job site that warrant special consideration.

Detailed Engineering Specifications which provide accurate and complete instructions to the Installers and Materials Management to enable the completion of the project, in line with the approved customer order.

Complete description of work to be performed. This includes an overall description of the purpose of the project as well as detailed installation work items to affect an orderly and complete installation.
Accurate identification of work locations using appropriate Common Language Codes or other identifiers utilized by the customer.
Summaries of Major Equipment Items to be installed
Detailed Materials Lists for the acquisition and management of appropriate major and minor materials items.
References to applicable customer and company standards where required.
Detailed Cable Run Lists which provide the type of cable, originating and terminating locations, identifiers, and any special notes.

Project Management to ensure that the jobs are completed in line with the customer requirements. This includes verification that all closing documents and reports are properly completed and communicated.

Closing the Orders which include the collection of all "as-built" or "red-lined" information from the installation, the updating of all appropriate records and coordination of completions with the customer.

Maintain a system for the collection of completion information from the installation forces.
Analyze any variations with the specification to ensure that all work is in accordance with the customer order.
Update any inventory or asset management records with the installed units of plant.

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