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Installation Services can be provided for a wide range of Transport, Power and Alarm Equipment and Systems within the central offices, remote, cellular, CLEC or customer locations. Our Installation Technicians and Auditors are qualified up to Skill Level 4 with a minimum working knowledge of all applicable Telcordia General Requirement (GR) Standards. However, our ongoing involvement with most major service providers provides us with strong experience in other standards such as the AT&T TP Standards.

Project Planning to ensure that all necessary documentation and resources are available and an orderly installation process is established for each installation.

Assess and coordinate the installation labor requirements for the job. This includes the quantity of properly skilled personnel up through Skill Level 4.
Obtain all relevant company and customer documentation and forms required for the proper completion of the project.
Verify plans and actions to acquire all required major and minor materials and coordinate any issues in time to maintain project schedules.
Communicate project plans and schedules with the customer and company.

Implement the installation in line with the Engineering Specification and applicable standards.

Inventory and stage the equipment and materials in line with customer standards and direction.
Review the project with the installers and assign work items.
Supervise the installation to ensure the installers are properly completing each assigned item.
Maintain the work areas in an orderly, neat and safe manner.
Coordinate any cooperative effort that might be required with the customer.
Complete all required forms and reports.
Provisioning the Systems through the programming of the system identifier and location settings, along with the activation of ports.

Quality Assurance is maintained throughout the projects to ensure strict compliance with all applicable standards.

Quality begins with the planning of the project to ensure that all required equipment and materials comply with established standards and that only qualified personnel are assigned.
In-process inspections are randomly performed to ensure that the projects are properly supervised and that the work complies with standards. This also provides an opportunity for coaching installation personnel where required.
Company auditors are available to perform independent inspections and audits prior to notification of completion to the customer. Depending on the requirements of the contract, this can be on all projects or just a random selection.
Any variances with current quality standards are completely documented for clearing or coordination with the customer. The auditors can be utilized for clearing defects where possible.
If the customer performs their own quality audits, any actual or potential service or safety defects they will be cleared within the agreed-to timeframe.

Project Completion involves the communication of completion notices, along with "as-built" or "red-lined" project documents from Installation to Engineering.

The Installation Team Lead is responsible for ensuring that all work has been performed in accordance with the Engineering Specification. Any variances will have been approved prior to submission of the final documents.
Any defects which are discovered through the final audit by the company must be cleared prior to the final completion of the project.

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