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Accurate and complete network inventory, assignment and circuit records are critical to maintaining the ongoing productivity and effectiveness of the engineering and installation workforces in meeting customer due dates. They are also essential in cases where the customer is transition to new support systems. Incomplete or inaccurate network records are also good indicators that the asset and billing records are likely wrong as well. Updating the records can be a daunting and expensive undertaking. However, Trans Global Communications utilizes methods and procedures which have been proven to be effective in scaling the updates to the priorities and resources of the customer, allowing good management of progress and minimizing the time and costs. Our personnel are experienced in records update and conversions with significant working experience in the records and design.

Verification of network and circuit inventory records through physical field inspection by qualified personnel.

This is the most critical part of the process since it will be the basis for ongoing records updates.
Trans Global personnel are very familiar with understanding floor plans, rack and bay assemblies and equipment shelve configurations. We can expedite the verifications and effectively document the results for use by the data entry personnel.

Inventory System update with current information.

Our learning curve for the customer support systems is very short since our personnel have strong working knowledge of all inventory and assignment support systems in service today.
Professional and effective interaction with the customer personnel is maintained to ensure that our system updates meet the requirements of the customer and can be quickly performed.

Circuit Layout Record update and reissue with correct information.

Our personnel are competent circuit designers with strong support system experience so updates can be performed with validated information. In many cases our personnel have experience in the actual install, test and turn up of special services and trunk circuits which adds to the proficiency and speed of our verifications.
The coordination and support with local technicians and customer engineers is maintained to ensure that the revised circuit designs are proper and well understood.

Network Inventory/Design System Conversion Support to provide a smooth migration to the new system with current record information.

Our capabilities include the development and coordination of an overall conversion program, with executive level presentations where needed. This can include details regarding the conversion process, conversion costs and timelines, ongoing support to recent change activities, business process assessments, and creation of user documentation to support the conversion.
Equipment Specifications can be developed or modified as needed to ensure that the proper information is included and redundancy is minimized.
We can develop and implement a training program for Engineers, Designers and Technicians in the use of the new system and business processes.

Billing Record Reconciliation through coordination of installed and discontinued circuits with billing records.

An important area of payback to the cost of updating the network records is the reconciliation of the billing records. This includes both the local records as well as those with the connecting companies.
Our personnel are experienced in working with connecting company personnel to resolve the network aspects of complex billing discrepancies.
Inventory System Proficiencies include, TIRKS, Metasolv/Oracle M-3, AAIS-DS and TBS.

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