We Know Telecommunications

Trans Global provides national, contract labor services covering the full range of network and circuit provisioning requirements for both wireline and wireless applications, which include:Telecomm 4
  • Engineering, Installation, Test and Turn-up of network equipment and systems
  • Special Services and Message Circuit design, coordination and support
  • ILEC/wireless site and circuit coordination
  • C.O. alarm system installation, upgrade and coordination
  • DC Power System installation, test and turn-up, and surveys
  • Project Management
  • Stage, pre-assembly and coordination of equipment and systems
  • Network Equipment inventory and record database reconciliation
  • Network Inventory record conversion support
  • Billing records validation
  • Work order closing support to validate completions and update records


Tier 1 Certifications for prime contract work

  • AT&T (EF&I in Florida)
  • Verizon (E & I)


  • Windstream (E & I)
  • Frontier (E & I)
  • Level 3 (Install)

Tier 2 Certifications for Co-locate work

  • AT&T (Florida)
  • Verizon
  • Level 3
  • Windstream

Core Competencies

Trans Global Communications provides the full-range of contract services for deployment of telecommunications networks and services, including switching centers, cellular site and backhaul, microwave backhaul, field remote systems and end-user customer systems.  Our staff is experienced with most common support systems but will train on other systems as needed to support individual customer requirements.  Our full-time staff of engineers and technicians is experienced in state-of-the-art network equipment and systems, and maintain a working knowledge of customer standards.  

The following summaries provide examples of our service capabilities and equipment we commonly encounter.  However, we continue to expand and grow these capabilities with the introduction of new technologies and products within the industry.  Therefore, if you do not see your specific needs in this listing we encourage you to contact us to obtain specific information relative to our current capabilities.

Network Applications/Manfacturers

Internet Protocol Transport and Switching

  • Juniper
  • Cisco
  • Actellis
  • Fujitsu
  • Canoga Perkins
  • BTI systems
  • Ciena

Optical Networking

  • ADC
  • Tellabs
  • Fujitsu
  • Ericsson
  • Alcatel/Lucent

DC Power Systems

  • Valere
  • Tyco
  • Lorain

Network Management & Security

  • Tektronix GeoProbe
  • Dantel Alarm Systems
  • Symmetricom Synchronization Systems
  • Spirent Test System

Configuration and Test

  • Configuration of systems with proper CLLI, IP address and other identifiers required for remote access and activation of ports for network operation
  • System test to verify proper configuration, throughput and integrity of analog and digital signals

Consultant Services


  • Power requirements and configurations
  • Network System Design
  • Environmental requirements

Special Services and Message Circuit Provisioning

  • Working knowledge of TBS, ASAP, TIRKS, M-6 and AAIS-DS
  • Engineer and install all DS-X Type Circuits
  • SONET-based circuit provisioning
  • System or circuit level design for the full-range of High-cap Circuits

Inventory and Record Support

  • Central Office, Co-locate and Customer Equipment record validation and conversion
  • Database entry
  • Billing record validations
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